Iceland by Bicycle, 4-18 July 2004

a01 - Map of Iceland
a02 - Reykjavik church
a03 - View of Vestmannaeyjar Islands
a04 - Comfort break
a05 - Selijavelfoss
a06 - Toblerone time!
a07 - Typical farm setting in the south near ViK
a08 - Myrdalsjokull Icecap
a09 - Scenery near Vik looking south
a10 - Old style house with turf roof (front)
a11 - Old style house with turf roof (back) a12 - Skogarfoss
a13 - View from tent at Skogarfoss
a14 - Inside Skogar Museum
a15 - Myrdalsjokull icecap near Vik
a16 - Scenery near Vik
a17 - Vik campsite
a18 - Vik church
a19 - Vik beach
a20 - Hjorleifshofoi near Vik
a21 - Myrdales-sandur (black desert)
a22 - Myrdales-sandur (icecap outwash plain)
a23 - cairns to wish travellers good luck
a24- Comfort break - the only time it rained on us while cycling
a25 - Typical interior road on the way to Landmannalaugar
b01 - Wild camping in the interior
b02 - Hilly road on the way to Landmannalaugar
b03 - Hilly road on the way to Landmannalaugar2
b04 - Hilly road on the way to Landmannalaugar3
b05 - Ford on the way to Landmannalaugar
b06 - They are cold too!!
b07 - Hot springs in lava flow
b08 - Lunch stop on the way to Landmannalaugar.JPG
b09 - Moss covered lava
b10 - On the way to Landmannalaugar
b11 -  Landmannalaugar - the campsite is at the base of lava flow
b12 - Landmannalaugar
b13 - Rhyolite hills at Landmannalaugar
b14 - Rhyolite hills at Landmannalaugar
b15 - Rhyolite hills with lava flow and hot vent at Landmannalaugar
b16 - Steam vent at Landmannalaugar
b17 - Yes, the steam vent smells like sulphur!
b18 - Lunch time at Landmannalaugar
b19 - Blahnukur (943m) at Landmannalaugar
b20 - On the lava flow at Landmannalaugar
b21 - Natural hot spring pool at Landmannalaugar
b22 - On the way from Landmannalaugar
b23 - Road from Landmannalaugar
b24 - Typical road from Landmannalaugar
b25 - Typical road from Landmannalaugar
c01 - Typical road from Landmannalaugar - cars causing dust in distance
c02 - Mt. Hekla (1491m) - an active volcanoe, last erupted 1971
c03 - Pyroclast from last Hekla eruption
c04 -On the road to Gulfoss - note pavement ends, oh joy c05 - Gulfoss
c06 -Nice day at Gulfoss
c07 - Gulfoss
c08 - Gulfoss c09 - Gulfoss
c10 - Gulfoss
c11 - Gulfoss canyon
c12 - On the road to Geysir and Gulfoss
c13 - Geysir hotspings area
c14 - Hot spring at Geysir hotspings area
c15 - Steam vent at Geysir
c16 - Little geysir
c17 - Big geysir
c18 - Geysir hotspring
c19 - There it goes again
c20 - and again
c21 - Pingvillir area
c22 - Rift at Pingvillir - left is North America and right European plate
c23 - Ingrid eating lunch on the edge of the North American plate
c24 - Cliff wall of North American plate
c25 - Interesting lava flow at Pingvillir - about 2000 years old
d01 - This crystal clear water flows from the glacier thru the lava
d02 - Uxafoss
d03 - Bob contemplating the spreading of the plates
d04 - Cracks caused by plates tectonics
d05 - Campsite at Pingvillir
d06 - Inside one of the crack
d07 - Moss grows everywhere in the cracks
d08 - Pretty flowers growing inthe rift cracks
d09 - Rift crack at edge of North American plate
d10 - Ingrid in Reykjavik
d11 - Downtown Reykjavik
d12 - View of North Reykjavik from water tank museum
d13 - View of Northwest Reykjavik from water tank museum
d14 - View of West Reykjavik from water tank museum
d15 - View of Reykjavik
d16 - Old church in Reykjavik
d17 - Inside Reykjavik water tank museum
d18 - Stained glass nside Reykjavik water tank museum
d19 - Sculpture of Viking boat in Reykjavik
d20 - Ingrid by sculpture of Viking boat in Reykjavik
d21 - Puffin island - all the white dots are nesting puffins
d22 - Puffin!
d23 - View of Pingvillir
d24 - View north of Landmannanalaugar
d25 - View south of Landmannanalaugar