San Francisco, April 22nd to April 26th, 2002
Presentation Route Dispatching System to DHL Worldwide Express

...when SBS Germany arrived at the hotel in Sutter Street: Bertram Schwiddessen, Peter Fickert, Christa Bamberg, Ecki Kruse

....old Street Cars at Fishermens Warft. Starbucks seems to be everywhere.

...well, we also had to finish our presentation for the next day. We were supported by Nancy Roberts, IC CAM NY,
Gary Bilovesky, our outstandig outspoken and genial local sales mate who also intoduced us to the locals,
and Christophe Verard from Logiroute France (hope I got his name right).

...ready to go. Also thanks for support to Ken Snyder and Garys Boss Kirk.

... at work. The taler the buildings the tougher the people ! ;-))

... after all, back at the hotels restaurant.

... Gary took us around for sightseeing. Many thanks !

Dinner at Kuleto's. One of the most famous italian food restaurants in SFO. See the Martinis on the table.

Gate to Chinatown


Powell Street near the Hotel

... time to say goodby.